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A global forum for members to converse, learn, share, discuss, ponder and wonder.

We are diverse in many ways but grounded by our deep interest in adult development. Some of us are researching and writing. Some of us are having insights with clients, during workshops, or as we sit on airplanes. Many of us are so busy doing the work and we wish we had more time to reflect on it. Many of us feel more alone in the enterprise than we’d like to, and crave conversations with others in the field. We know there are enough of us out there, working away at our practice and deepening our understanding of the key theories that are most important to us, to make a real difference in the world. We believe our individual impact will be increased—geometrically perhaps—when we spent more time together sharing our perspectives, theories, practices, and insights.

LUME members bring diverse opinions, practices, and perspectives; thinking and learning together, supporting each of us on our own growing edges, to learn more about how to be better company for the growth of our clients.

Through LUME we collectively build theory, collaborate on research and writing, create and share practices, perspectives, theories, and insights on adult development. These collaborations support LUME members to make a real difference in the world; working with clients, supporting and inspiring individuals and organizations to grow or transform.

Membership includes members with opportunities to:

  • Participate in monthly calls hosted by members
  • Converse with members in our forum
  • Create or join local chapters – an opportunity for members in the same part of the world to connect in person
  • Create or join practice groups to explore specific areas of interest and to provide a place for learning
  • Participate in research, so we keep up to date with what’s happening in the adult development field
  • Share resources
  • Gather in person every 18 months for a mostly open-space conference. Since 2012 we have gathered in Sydney, Australia, at Harvard University in Cambridge MA, Wellington, New Zealand, San Diego USA, and Melbourne Australia.

We welcome members who value holding their expertise lightly, connecting with an open mind – above all we value curiosity, inquiry and respect, along with a commitment to keep LUME a welcoming and safe environment for personal growth and practice.

LUME became a New Zealand registered charity in 2014.

Lume is an evolving community, shaped by its members. In this video, the founders describe their ‘founding impulse’ – the initial reason they started the community.

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New members are welcome! The joining fee is NZ$200, and annual membership fee thereon is NZ$150.

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