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LUME is about growing ideas, practices, and ways of being

We’re a somewhat quirky community, so we look for those who will thrive with us and contribute to our collective. Current members know us best, so any current member can invite you to join (you’ll receive an email message with a unique sign-up URL from them) or you can join by clicking the button below. If you don’t know anyone, we’d love to get to know you!

We aren’t looking for any particular background or skills or knowledge; we’re looking for people who care deeply about adult development and who are themselves open and curious. We are neither a community focused on teaching people things that are already known nor a community of experts who want to argue about the best approaches to things. Rather, we’re a community of people who know some things and are deeply curious, who want their ideas and practices pushed around by other open and curious people, and who want to build something together to make the world better.

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New members are welcome! The joining fee is NZ$200, and annual membership fee thereon is NZ$150.

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